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I’m reaching out today to see if any of you might wanna make a small donation to help us buy a little piece of technology to make life better for a local special needs teen and her family. 

Raised so far

of $344.00 goal
(Updates twice a day)


The young woman… who for the sake of her privacy we will just call Alma, is a "special needs" student who attends a high school in Seattle.  I learned about her when a friend of mine who is a faculty member at her school reached out to me for some advice as a PI after a recent incident involving the young woman.  

Almas drawing.jpg

Here is a drawing Alma made of her Experience.  It shows her and her sisters and teachers at the top of the drawing.  In the lower half it shows a police car and the officers who helped find her.

The incident took place outside of the school.  Apparently after having some pretty typical teenage frustration with some younger siblings that were annoying her… Alma decided to go for a walk, buy herself a treat from the store and just get a little time away from her siblings.  

The problem came when Alma got a little lost, and unfortunately in her haste to get out of the house, she accidentally left her phone at home.  When her family discovered her missing several hours later, they called the school and SPD.  Faculty, SPD and her family searched the neighbourhood and found her some distance away.

She was none the worse for wear, but I’m told was embarrassed and ashamed she got lost. When she recounted her family’s worry and her own fear when she couldn’t find her way home, she had to leave class to let out a big sobbing cry. 

After discussion with the family and faculty to learn more about the young women's specific needs, we think we found a good solution...

We settled on a very small GPS device called a Jiobit that Alma can wear as a necklace.  The device features a button Alma can press at any time she gets lost or needs some other help

Since the device does real time GPS tracking, her parents, or other caretakers can look up where she is and find her quickly.  

We are trying to raise a total of $344.00   (That’s $143.31 for the small wearable tracker +  $200.00 to prepay for a full years worth of service)   


To some I know that $344.00 might not seem like a lot of money for the parents added piece of mind. But as is often the case with families with special needs kids going to public schools, for Alma’s family $344 is pretty cost prohibitive.   Given the families limited resources, we decided to try and raise the money to buy it for them.  

If you can help… please donate today via the following link…


(Link Removed)

We want to give our heartfelt thanks in advance to everyone who can lend a hand.  We appreciate you helping to bring this special young woman some independence and her and her family the kind of piece of mind every person deserves.  

Thank you!


P.S. (From the faculty member) "When we asked Alma to draw a picture for the fundraiser, she was pure joy at the thought of people giving her money for her art.  Alma’s emotions are big and honest.  Everyone who meets her falls in love."  

P.S.  (From Dane) If we raise some small amount of money beyond the $344.00 we plan to use that to put together a little gift basket with some goodies to deliver along with the new Jiobit.

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