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Jacquelyn Joyce Revere is a writer, stand up comedian, and award nominated actress from Inglewood, Ca. Her work can be seen on comedy stages across the country and on her personal YouTube channel, where she began cultivating a community with the purpose empowering stutterers across the globe.


Among her many amazing contributions is a delightful web series reviewing new items from Trader Joe's with special co-hosts.  It's as informative as it is hilarious.  Check out some of her videos here or better yet follow her YouTube Channel, and check out her Website. 

(Warning... Some Adult Language)

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Did you know...

Trader Joe's has been offering their reusable "Save-A-Tree" canvas bags since 1977?  Trader Joe's is a leader in socially responsible food, from selling only sustainably caught seafood, to eradicating genetically modified items from their shelves. Additionally, not having to travel to another city to access healthy foods will reduce the carbon footprint of Rainier Beach's residents.

Trader Joes is good for local property values.  

According to a report released by Zillow, homes in proximity to a Trader Joe's appreciate faster.  Read more here.

Invite Trader Joe's to Rainier Beach!  Send your photo and statement of support and we'll put it on our website:

"We want Trader Joe's" is a grassroots campaign organized by residents of Rainier Beach and its surrounding neighbourhoods.  Our campaign has no official affiliation with the Trader Joe's company itself.  We do not speak for the Trader Joe's company, we are just fans of Trader Joe's who want a store here in our neighbourhood.

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